Realty Management Associates

Denise Fox

Denise Fox is Executive Vice President of Realty Management Associates, Inc. She has the responsibility for supervising the management operations of the properties for which Realty Management Associates, Inc. has been named as Agent. She has extensive experience in real estate management with an emphasis on administration and implementation of policies and procedures.

Prior to joining Realty Management Associates, Inc. in January 1989, Mrs. Fox was promoted through the ranks of the National Corporation for Housing Partnerships (now AIMCO). When Mrs. Fox left the corporation to pursue independent business interests, she was a Regional Vice President with overall physical and financial management responsibility for approximately 95 properties, 83 of which were either partially subsidized or fully subsidized under federal or state programs. These properties ranged in size from 27 units to 1,400 units.

Mrs. Fox is actively involved in many industry-related organizations.

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